Mrs. Powell-Sparks Recognized as FCPS Cares of the Month Recipient!

By Department of Human Resources
August 18, 2021
fcps cares celebration
Mrs. Cynthia Powell-Sparks (right) with Principal Brad Bennink at an FCPS CARES recognition event at the school.

Congratulations to Mrs. Cynthia Powell-Sparks ​​​on being recognized as the June 2021 FCPS CARES Recipient of the Month for Region 3 by the Department of Human Resources. 

Below is the write up submitted by a parent of a daughter in one of Mrs. Powell-Sparks' classes.

Throughout the 2020 school year, which was characterized by the state's response to the pandemic, Mrs. Powell really went way above and beyond what a parent could reasonably expect a teacher to do. Mrs. Powell was the teacher for my daughter's first grade class. At least once a week she brought class materials by our house, including notebooks, printed out assignments, and school supplies, most of which she obtained at her own expense. And it isn't that she did this just for our child, but every student in the class! This required considerable personal time and entailed personal risk to her own health (based on what we believed to be true about COVID at that time). After a fairly short period, Mrs. Powell was able to adapt her class and teaching style to the challenges of remote learning. She was able to develop customized learning plans for each child in the class so every student was presented the right level of challenge throughout the year. Once in-person class resumed, Mrs. Powell again adapted her teaching style to keep everyone engaged and learning. Our daughter looked forward to going to school every day because she knew Mrs. Powell would be there. I can't say enough about all the great work she did this past year, and if we could have Mrs. Powell again for the next year we would be delighted for her to teach our daughter again!