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  • Located in the backyard of Mount Vernon, Washington Mill Elementary is equally proud of its past, present, and future. The land where George Washington once walked continues to serve as a farm, planting the seeds of a solid education for the students of Washington Mill.
  • Staff members recognize the importance of technology as it is woven into the curriculum. In grades 3 - 6, all students have a laptop.  While technology is a focus, staff members continue to emphasize basic skills in the instructional program.
  • Washington Mill enjoys rich diversity in its population. Diversity is a strength that adds to a multicultural educational program. The community celebrates family heritage through a yearly program focusing on each student's family history.
  • Just as it was during the time of George Washington, Washington Mill is an exciting place to be.

Our Mission 

  • We strive to ignite a passion for lifelong learning by providing a safe, growth mindset environment which embraces success through risk taking.   We believe our students will accomplish great things in life given the necessary skills and opportunity to do so.  As educators, we will do our best to create critically thinking problem solvers who are prepared for careers and circumstances in the future.  We are committed to working with every member of our community to ensure that our students become positive, contributing members of society.

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Our Vision

  • As educators, we will work diligently to help every child become successful. We will work to ensure that every student grows academically, socially, and becomes a person of sound character. We will embrace all cultural and societal influences that impact our students and work to support each child’s needs.
  • We will partner with parents to form a bridge between the school and the community we serve. We will strive to ensure that all available resources and communications are utilized to support our students.
  • We will continue with our work on problem solving to help students learn many ways to complete tasks and we will provide more open-ended discussions to help prepare our students for different experiences in life.
  • We will work with parents, business partners, and other community members to offer activities for students after school hours. Our shared goal is to provide every child a way to participate in an activity that affords them safety, academic assistance, fun, and continued cross cultural connections.
  • We will give every child the best we have as educators; continuously seeking to instill a sense of belonging, significance, and fun in every child.

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